Why Zen PD

Zen Professional Development

International well-recognized specialists working together to ensure the schools' staff are upskilled & empowered.

Zen PD - Why Zen PD?

Why Zen PD

International Education Experts

Zen PD works with international well-recognised diverse range of education specialists with expertise from all over the world. Our education associates have been carefully selected to ensure delivering quality professional development training courses for different staff members in the schools not only in the UAE but also in the GCC region. They have would have previously served as Principals, Senior leaders, or inspectors in the UK, UAE & internationally. Our aim is to ensure that our training is clear, meaningful for our schools and have easy to use support materials to make the teaching and leading journey for our teachers and leaders easier and more rewarding. Please check the associates’ page to learn more about their bio and expertise in education.

Alignment with the KHDA in the UAE

Zen PD aims to ensure schools are aligned with the UAE Vision 2021 of good leaders and teachers in all schools. Here is a list of our training programmes on the KHDA website.

Teachers & Leaders’ Wellbeing

We have developed our teachers and leaders training courses with the focus on the wellbeing of the participants. We want the trainees to come out of the training not only upskilled but ready to apply the learnings from their courses into their daily school life without feeling overwhelmed but rather rewarded and empowered. That’s why we reward our training participants with a free wellbeing class to reward them for their achievements. To learn more check our why wellbeing page.

Integrating the 21st Century Skills

Training participants will be trained to transform their education journey embedding 21st century knowledge and skills like critical thinking, innovation, and research in all subjects in their curricula.

Forward Thinking

In this modern era we live in we value the importance of being a forward thinking company, hence we have developed teaching methodologies not only with the focus on the wellbeing of the training participants by offering a free wellbeing session during the training but also in line with the 21st century technology and learning methods. We will be delivering our courses using blended learning -classroom based group sessions  as well as online learning coming soon.

Flexible and Bespoke Training

Our school-based training programmes can be customised to meet different schools needs and different numbers of participants. We are a friendly young company that appreciates the flexibility and working around the schools’ requirements. The programmes vary in their length from as short as 0.5 days to 5 days over 5 months for the Teacher Permit Support Programme and The Principal License Support programme (TELSUAE). Check our training page for more details on the different programmes. They can also be offered to a various number of participants in one group.

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