Why wellbeing

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zen pd - why wellbeing

Why Wellbeing

Why we focus on the wellbeing of the schools’ staff?

In this modern world, teachers, leaders and all schools ‘staff are constantly overwhelmed by the increasing pressure, the demands and expectations of the schools and the parents. In the UK, the number of teachers seeking mental health support has risen by 35% in the past year. The founder of Zen PD who has long career history working as an HR with various schools in the UK and the UAE as well as being certified Zumba instructor believes in the power of empowering teachers and leaders and creating a well-balanced work place. The outcome of this is creating training courses with a fun element through giving the course participants a free wellbeing class (yoga, meditation or zumba) with the course to empower the course participants and make them feel rewarded. participants and make them feel rewarded.

When do Zen PD offer the wellbeing classes?

The wellbeing class can be offered as part of the professional development training and to be decided beforehand with the schools on which class they prefer and whether they take the class at the beginning or the end of the training programmes.

How do Zen PD offer the wellbeing classes during the PD training programmes?

We have various instructors of yoga meditation or Zumba who will be delivering those classes, the classes are free but not mandatory, they aim to create good energy, reduce the pressure, and help the participant enjoy a different learning experience with an element of fun and emotional health benefits.

Why Zen PD has chosen these wellbeing classes?

All the different classes whether it is yoga or meditation or Zumba have great health benefits in creating emotional balance and increasing the positive energy of those who practice them. Mindfulness meditation, for example, can change the brain structure according to a study at Harvard in 2011, as well as changing people’s subjective perception, feelings, mood, and their psychological well-being.
The same with the yoga, there are enormous facts about the benefits for yoga both on the physical and emotional wellbeing from improving the posture to enhancing the blood circulation and upping the heart rate which can help with relieving anxiety and reducing stress. According to a study found that a consistent yoga practice made people happier and led to a significant increase in the serotonin levels and a decrease in the levels of monoamine oxidase and cortisol.

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