International Schools

Zen Professional Development has been working hard in order to provide a space where schools and teachers in the UAE and internationally can have access to courses and educational resources in order to provide quality training and CPD courses across the United Arab Emirates and beyond.

Zen PD has been working closely with many professionals and specialists who have a huge range of expertise internationally.

The education associates have worked previously around the world as Principals, Senior Leaders or even Inspectors, who have a strong background working in educational institutions.

Attending a Course with Zen PD

Zen Professional Development’s high-quality courses have already started to provide schools and institutions with the tools and capabilities that are often required by the KHDA. Zen PD has KHDA approval, so we can provide courses and training for all types of educational institutions.

Zen PD is one of the best providers of school-based training which can be catered and designed in order to meet the needs of different schools around the world.

The training courses can range anywhere from half a day all the way to 5 days over a period of 5 months. These flexible and affordable professional development courses fit easily into the schedules of staff in most schools and educational centres.

How to book Zen Professional Development

If you would like to book Zen PD or enquire about bringing Zen PD’s training to your school or institution, you can contact us directly at our contact page or use the form below.