Courses Table

Course CodeCourse Name (English)Teachers PDLeaders PDLearning Support AssistantsTeaching AssistantsCluster ManagersSchool Admin Staff
1Child Protection & Safeguardingxx
2Dealing with People of Determinationxx
4Moral Educationxx
7EYFS Teachers Supportx
8EYFS Leaders Supportx
9Using data to improve learning (DATA ANALYSIS)xx
10Differentiation - supporting all pupilsxx
11Literacy - fluent reading in Primary schoolsxx
12The principle of good assessmentx
13Unleashing excellent teachingx
14Effective feedbackxx
15Skillful quesitioningxx
16Metacognition - Learning to learnxx
17Teaching Assistants - optimising impactxx
18Teaching assistants - the essentialsx
19Developing leadership across a clusterxx
20Success in middle leadershipx
21Budgeting for school improvementx
22Outstanding subject leadershipx
23Coaching to drive school improvementx
24Train the trainer - support in school facilitatorsx
25Managing behaviour - high impact approachesx
26Autism awarenessxx
28Pupils with EAL - support, engage, empowerxx
29Engaging parents - building strong partnershipsxxxx
30Improving time management - practical strategiesxxx
31ADHD Awarenessxxxxx
32Stretch and challenge more able studentsxxxxx
33Effective panel interview skillsx
34Project management introductionx
35Customer service trainingx
36School inspectionxx
37School improvementxx
38Curriculum Developmentxxx